Consortium Ethics Program

The Consortium Ethics Program provides long-term, comprehensive continuing ethics education for a diverse range of professionals, including nurses, physicians, attorneys, social workers, administrators, and others interested in health care ethics.  Health care institutions and individuals seeking to enhance patient-centered care, educate ethics consultants, or revitalize an ethics committee can benefit from educational programs tailored to their individual needs, and can access the CEP's registry of highly-qualified, engaging speakers prepared to address a broad range of topics to support institutional ethics education initiatives.

Founded in 1990, the CEP is the premier health care ethics education network in western Pennsylvania serving the surrounding tri-state area.   The CEP is a collaborative effort of it's member institutions; the University of Pittsburgh Department of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine; and the University of Pittsburgh Center for Bioethics & Health Law.  Drawing on the expertise of the Center for Bioethics & Health Law affiliated faculty, as well as faculty from the University of Pittsburgh and other local colleges/universities, such as Duquesne University and Carnegie Mellon University; the CEP offers classes and conferences to help individuals develop the skills and knowledge base necessary to address ethical dilemmas arising in their home institutions and professional practices.