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Aviva L. Katz, MD, MA

Consortium Ethics Program

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Consortium Ethics Program


History of the Consortium Ethics Program

The CEP began as a pilot program for 12 acute-care hospitals in 1990 with a generous grant from the Vira I. Heinz Endowment. Since 1996, the program has been self-sufficient and is currently supported by member institutions and co-sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh Department of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine. Current membership consists of 24 institutions, including adult and pediatric hospitals, long-term care facilities, home-care providers, health plans. For over 25 years, the CEP has provided high-quality ethics education and kept up-to-date on the continually evolving field of health care ethics.

What We Provide

The CEP provides a cost-effective, personalized educational program that allows professionals and their organization to develop and maintain an awareness and expertise in clinical health care ethics.

About The Program

Education is offered within a three-year cycle and is comparable in content, breadth, and depth to the training offered by graduate degree programs in health care ethics, but with the advantage of greater flexibility and unique personalization. Our program is successful in:

  • Educating members to become ethics resource persons within their organization.  
  • Assisting members in designing and implementing an ethics education plan to meet the specific needs of their organization.  

Education is presented through a variety of formats to best match the needs of our members:  

  • Weekend conference: Held in the fall of each year, this intensive, yet informal, three-day conference includes faculty from local universities and national scholars.
  • Seminar series: Throughout the year, members attend four full-day seminar sessions.  
  • Webinars: Distance learning sessions are offered several times a year.  
  • Online teaching modules: Provides members with the tools to teach the basic concepts of health care ethics to staff within their organization.  
  • Onsite programming: Up to six hours of targeted education designed to meet the needs of the organization and help expand ethics awareness throughout. This can include educating staff, ethics committees, or customized skill-building activities for ethics consultants.

Membership Information

CEP membership is open to anyone who recognizes the importance of health care ethics. Members come from all professional backgrounds, including those associated with acute care institutions, long-term facilities, home care providers, health care insurers, law firms, private practices, and educational institutions. The most important qualification for any prospective member is the recognition of the importance of health care ethics to his/her work and professional development.

Please contact our office (412) 623-2033 and to arrange a site visit, we would love to meet you and your staff and discuss membership options in great detail.