Membership Benefits

CEP membership is open to institutions and individuals. Institutional members include acute care institutions, long-term facilities, home care providers, healthcare insurers, law firms, and educational institutions. Institutional members designate individuals to attend the CEP’s educational programs. Participants come from a range of professional backgrounds and include clinicians, social workers, case managers, administrators, clergy, ethicists, lawyers, and patient safety personnel.

Institutional Membership: Institutions/organizations designate 1 or 2 individuals who will be given release time to participate in CEP educational programming, and may purchase additional individual memberships at a discount for other personnel in their organizations. It is ideal for these designated individuals to have the position and stature within the institution/organization to enable them to be effective ethics resources and educators within the organization. They should themselves be interested in participating actively in the educational forums. Institutions/organizations should be committed to supporting their designees’ efforts to provide continuing ethics education to staff within the institution. For institutional members, the CEP provides on-site continuing ethics education for institution/organization staff.

Individual Membership: Individuals may join the CEP and participate in classes and conferences. Individual members come from both healthcare institutions/organizations and the broader community. Members need not be healthcare professionals or academics, but may simply share an interest in healthcare ethics and health policy.

Contact the CEP (412) 623-2033 or to discuss institutional or individual membership, or to arrange a site visit to assess institutional ethics needs.