Bioethics with Bigger Impact: Unpacking Neglected Social Factors to Ensure Impact

February 7, 2023 -
2:00pm to 3:30pm

Gina Campelia, PhD (University of Washington School of Medicine)
Holly Vo, MD, MPH (Seattle Children’s Hospital)
Gail Henderson, PhD (University of North Carolina School of
Moderator: Jennifer James, PhD, MS, MSW (University of California,
San Francisco)

Abstract: It is imperative to understand the social and ethical roots of our present conversations about health inequalities in order to partner intelligently with the public, researchers, and policymakers for real impact. Since its inception, the field of bioethics has worked in core concepts of justice and equity, and considerations of social and political context. But these presenters push for a reorientation toward transformative justice, and a broader understanding of social determinants of health. This is a companion event to a special issue of Perspectives in Biology and Medicine. Gina Campelia of the University of Washington School of Medicine, Holly Vo of Seattle Children’s Hospital, and Gail Henderson of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, with moderator Jennifer James of the University of California, San Francisco, will look to move the field forward.

Co-sponsored by The Hastings Center and the University of Cincinnati Center for Public Engagement with Science

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