Robert Arnold awarded the George Engle Award

Robert Arnold was awarded the George Engle award at the American Academy of Communication in health care for his work in palliative care medicine. He also authored the following articles:

  • Hall DE, Feske U, Hanusa BH, Ling BS, Stone RA, Gao S, Switzer GE, Dobalian A, Fine MJ, Arnold RM. Prioritizing Iniatives for Institutional Review Board (IRB) Quality Improvement. American Journal of Bioethics-Empirical Bioethics (in press).
  • Schwarze G, Campbell T, Cunningham T, Arnold, RM, White DB. You Can’t Get What You Want: Innovation for End-Of-Life Communication in the ICU. AJRCC (in press).
  • Chiarchiaro J, White DB, Ernecoff NC, Buddadhumaruk P, Schuster RA, Arnold RM. Conflict Management Strategies in the ICU Differ Between Palliative Care Specialists and Intensivists. Critical Care Medicine (in-press).
  • Boss RD, Donohue PK, Larson SM, Arnold RM, Roter DR. Family Conferences in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Observation of Communication Dynamics and Contributions. Ped Crit Care Med (in press).
  • Grudzen C, Emlett L, Arnold RM. EM Talk:  Communication Skills Training for Emergency Medicine Patients with Serious Illness. BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care (in press).