Jason Rosenstock, MD

  • Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Jason Rosenstock was born and raised in New Jersey, receiving both a bachelor’s and an MD degree from Brown University’s Program in Liberal Medical Education, where he concentrated in History of Medicine/Science.  Coming to Pittsburgh for residency in psychiatry, he joined the CF Reynolds Medical History Society and has presented on history of medicine topics nationally.  His focus is on the history of psychiatry, particularly schizophrenia and its treatment, as well as interventional somatic therapies in the 20th century.  He has taught an honors college course to undergraduates on the this topic, as well as various workshops and seminars to residents, professionals, and the community.  Dr. Rosenstock has been a regular participant in the History of Medicine elective at the School of Medicine, and he has worked with individual medical students on scholarly projects or independent reading.  He also frequently uses literature/poetry and film in his general teaching about medical/behavioral topics.