John Rief, MA, PhD

  • Assistant Professor of Communication & Rhetorical Studies, Duquesne University

John Rief received a BA in 2005 from Regis University, with majors in philosophy and communication. He successfully defended his masters thesis entitled "Bioethics and Lifestyle Management: The Theory and Praxis of Personal Responsibility" in 2013, following the defense of his doctoral dissertation entitled "Searching for the Good Life: Rhetoric, Medicine, and the Shaping of Lifestyle" in 2012. He then became  a Postdoctoral Scholar at the Institute for Clinical Research Education (RAND/University of Pittsburgh Scholars Program), Department of Medicine, Division of Internal Medicine. He is now Assistant Professor of Communication & Rhetorical Studies at Duquesne University His interests include the rhetoric of science, rhetoric surrounding policy controversies in biomedicine, the philosophical underpinnings of scientific thought and practice, and rhetoric of pain and illness. John Rief's Faculty Webpage