Olga Kuchinskaya, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Communications

Olga Kuchinskaya is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication. Her research focuses on science communication related to health and the environment. Her first book, The Politics of Invisibility: Public Knowledge about Radiation Health Effects after Chernobyl  (MIT, 2014), examines how we know what we know about the health consequences of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident, the largest nuclear accident to date. Her current project examines how various publics bring together scholarly research and their own experiential and empirical data in order to make interventions in medical practices, as well as the state of public knowledge more generally. Of particular interest is how these efforts are enabled and sustained by new media technologies (i.e., online forums, Twitter) and other technoscientific tools increasingly available to the public. Dr. Kuchinskaya examines these issues in the context of air pollution and its health effects, radioactive contamination, reproductive medicine, and rare diseases. She  is also affiliated with the Cultural Studies Program, and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Program. She teaches courses in science communication, environmental communication, power/knowledge, and is developing a course in health communication.