CRED Talks

Clinical Research Ethics & Design Talks—CRED Talks—is a forum in which researchers and ethics consultants discuss the integration of ethical considerations into various study designs either to address required components of RFAs (requests for applications) or to address ethical concerns arising in the study design. For many years, Center faculty have collaborated with investigators to address design issues, evaluate inclusion/exclusion criteria for enrolling participants, develop innovative informed consent  processes, and review human subjects protections sections of research proposals. In CRED Talks, investigators and their collaborators from the Center discuss these projects and address questions from fellow investigators about such ethics consultation. These ethics consultations frequently develop into collaborative research relationships. Further, because recent funding announcements from the NIH and some mechanisms require that investigators include an ethics research component (or ELSI—ethical, legal, social implications—research component) that relates to the primary scientific aims of the study, such collaborations and consultations are sought with increasing frequency.