Pittsburgh’s Inequality Across Gender and Race

November 2, 2019 -
8:30am to 1:30pm

Abstract: This year’s symposium will discuss the white paper, “Pittsburgh’s Inequality Across Gender and Race,” recently released by Pittsburgh’s Gender Equity Commission, reporting on gender and racial inequality in Pittsburgh. It found serious disparities for all women, and especially for Black women and girls. Conducted by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, the report examined 50 outcomes related to health, income, employment, and education. The researchers also created a new tool that compared Pittsburgh’s livability to 89 other cities. Study findings include that Pittsburgh’s Black maternal mortality rate is higher than 97% of other cities. Pittsburgh’s Black women are also less likely to be employed and more likely to live in poverty than Black women in 85% of cities.

In the morning plenary session, the report’s findings will be reviewed. Registered participants will then move to a breakout session chosen from among four themes: health, income and poverty, employment, and education. Additional information is available here. Registration is free, but required.

Location and Address

Chatham University, Woodland Road