Previous Messer Lecture Series

36th Annual Messer Lecture
Can We Avoid Death with Dementia?
Dena S. Davis, JD, PhD
Presidential Chair in Health
Professor of Bioethics
Lehigh University
March 29, 2019

35th Annual Messer Lecture
Combatting the High Price of Drugs: What does patient empowerment have to do with it?
Peter A. Ubel, MD
Madge and Dennis T. McLawhorn University Professor
Duke University
March 23, 2018

34th Annual Messer Lecture
Caring for and Allying with Undocumented Youth: Ethical and Practical Considerations
Mark G. Kuczewski, PhD
The Fr. Michael I. English, SJ, Professor of Medical Ethics
Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine
March 31, 2017

33rd Annual Messer Lecture
A Brief and Astonishing History of Abortion and Contraception
Lisa Tetrault, PhD
Carnegie Mellon University
April 1, 2016

32nd Annual Messer Lecture
"When Doctor's Can't or Don't Say No"
Barron Lerner, MD
March 27, 2015 

31st Annual Messer Lecture
"Ethical Issues in Pain Management"
Kathleen M. Foley, MD
April 4, 2014

30th Annual Messer Lecture
"What Makes ‘Difficult’ Patients Difficult?"
Michael W. Kahn, MD
March 29, 2013

29th Annual Messer Lecture
"What Are Health Disparities and Health Equity? And Why Do the Definitions Matter?"
Paula Braveman, MD, MPH
April 13, 2012 

28th Annual Messer Lecture
"The Ethics, Psychology and Politics of Rationing: Death Panels, Mammogram Guidelines and Chemotherapy"
Peter Ubel, MD
April 15, 2011

27th Annual Messer Lecture
"The President’s Council White Paper and the Problems with It"
Alan Shewmon, MD
April 16, 2010