Organ and Tissue Procurement, Transplantation, and Regenerative Medicine

Caring for Patients or Organs: New Therapies Raise New Dilemmas in the Emergency Department, with former Center faculty member, Michael DeVita, and first author Arjun Pradhu, Lisa Parker published this ethical analysis in the American Journal of Bioethics (2017).

In Experimental Hand Transplantation, Whose Views About Outcomes Should Matter Most?
Andrea DiMartini and Mary Amanda Dew published their analysis in the AMA Journal of Ethics (2019).

What Hand Transplantation Teaches Us About Embodiment
Health humanities faculty member, Brock Bahler, published this essay in the AMA Journal of Ethics (2019).

What’s Missing in Our Thinking About Quality of Life in VCA?
Emily Herrington published this conceptual analysis of quality of life assessment in vascularized composite allotransplantation in the AMA Journal of Ethics (2019).

Why Quality-of-Life Data Collection and Use Should Be Standardized When Evaluating Candidates for Hand Transplantation 
With European colleagues who participated in a Brocher Foundation-supported symposium, Lisa Parker published this analysis in the AMA Journal of Ethic (2019).